Writing Prompt #1

    The foundation of my beliefs and values derived from those of my mother’s and were continued to be reinforced and influenced by my life experiences. I believe that honesty and hard work are key attributes that I need to become successful in life. I do not think that I would fare too well in the business or corporate world because I am not set out for the constant competition and manipulation. Thus, I have decided to dedicate my academic career on a major that was focused on helping children. I choose to specialize in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Psychology and have developed a lot of personal values and beliefs about the Psychological field. I am disappointed by how the American society is quick to solve the behavioral and developmental problems with medication. This popular solution only puts a temporary cap on the problem. Though I agree that medication is a necessity for certain disorders, I believe the best solution is that of a behavioral one. Good behavioral programs are specially catered to each patient. In general, my philosophy in dealing with problems (even those unrelated to the psychological field) is that they should be thoroughly investigated and have solutions that should be altered if necessary. 
     So far, I have established my passion in Behavioral Psychology. Lecture one states that ethics tell us how we ought to live. Like many other fields, psychology comes along with specific and strict guidelines on ethics. Straying from these rules can cause serious disciplinary consequences for the practitioner and detrimental results for the patient. Last summer, I took an introductory environmental course (envi 101) and was surprised to learn that the application of ethics can go beyond humans and animals. There are many different standpoints on how humans ought to treat the land and i agree with the ecologically based land ethic. These guidelines state that Earth does not exist to be used at the disposal of humans. Thus, I do not agree that “we should protect the environment to make sure we have enough natural resources for future humanity.” I agree with the position, but not the reasoning; Humans have a duty to preserve and protect the Earth’s environment because the land (and all the other organisms that live off the land) has intrinsic value. In other words, the land simply has a right to exist.
    Many natural resources and organisms on this Earth are viewed as useless because they have no extrinsic or monetary value to humans. As a result, no rules are devised to ensure it’s protection and longevity. However, I believe that the value of certain things in the environment should not be seen in terms of “useful” or “useless” in terms of human use. The Earth has very complicated ecosystems and each organism and resource has complex links that are essential for their survival. Not only should we preserve these links because the opposite may result in negative consequences for the human race, but because humans are supposed to be one of the most intelligent and influential organisms on the planet. Thus, it is our duty to ensure the well-being of the environment. Unfortunately, industry and capitalism are even committing actions that may not even leave enough resources (e.g. coal, oil, metals) for future generations to use. This means that many societies have an extremely long way to go before their actions stop harming the environment and begin to protect it. Some people even believe that it doesn’t matter if humans trash the Earth and deplete its resources because the world is going to end anyways. I disagree with that opinion completely! I believe that humans need to alter the way they view the land. We should not see the land as a raw material that exists completely for human use and consumption. We should see the land as an intricate and delicate web that should be protected for the survival of all organisms and simply because it exists.